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Nor­dic Mu­seums As­so­ci­ation 2018 Con­fer­ence

30/08/2018 - 01/09/2018

Where are the bor­ders? Chal­lenges in Nor­dic Museo­logy

30 Au­gust – 1 Septem­ber 2018, Hel­sinki, Fin­land

Nordic museums profile themselves in the international museum field through a common vision of museums as institutions that support individual and community identity work; that support reconstruction of active citizenship, and that create space for multicultural discussions. Their task is to transcend the borders. Nordisk museumsförbund Finland (the Nordic Museum Association Finland) and Museum Studies, University of Helsinki, welcome you to the conference Where Are the Borders? Challenges in Nordic Museology.

Call for papers

Im­port­ant dates

  • Deadline for abstract submission by 22 February 2018
  • Accepted proposals will be notified by 31 March 2018
  • Registration starts by 4 April 2018
  • Early bird registration is due by 3 June 2018

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Nordisk Museumsförbund
Museum Studies, University of Helsinki
Helsinki City Museum
Ateneum Art Museum