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Danish Centre for Museum Research

About us

In August 2011, the Danish Centre for Museum Research (DCM) was established as a national research centre without walls. Museum research is broadly understood as a field of research that includes museums, archives and exploratoriums and covers research into art, cultural and natural heritage as well as the dissemination of this heritage in physical and virtual spaces.

Members are Danish university departments that have museum research as a key research area. The Centre currently lists members from Aarhus University, the IT University of Copenhagen, the University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University and the University of Copenhagen.  


We develop, strengthen and disseminate research-based insights in museology and museum studies, often in collaboration with museums and their stakeholders. We promote collaboration with museum institutions through activities such as workshops, seminars and conferences that present and discuss research results that are relevant to their professions. We also coordinate and convey research results and professional knowledge and views to political decision-makers, public authorities and organisations and the wider public via outward communication and visibility on social media.

We initiate research activities in collaboration with Nordic and other international partners as well as locally. Our ambition is to become a high-profile actor nationally and internationally by means of these activities.

More information and contact info

For more information on current activities and news, please follow our English language channel on LinkedIn.

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